“Bring to the table win-win strategy to ensure proactive domination”
Satoshi Nakamoto
Bitcoin Creator

IVY CAPITAL launched it’s online investment platform on the 1st November 2016, it has been in crypto-currency trading for a 2yrs now doing it locally, it has employed experts who are really really good at trading and mining bitcoins, we felt the need of helping our clients learn more of crypto-currency systems and teach them ways of how they can benefit from the digital currencies.

Cryptocurrency literally have made irreversible changes in people’s lives. Anyone who expected a revolution in the world of money circulation immediately assessed the potential of Bitcoin and predicted its rapid development.

Since entering the market of payment systems cryptocurrency has experienced ups and downs of prices, however, it remains in demand as a means of storing and method of payment online. If you appreciate its prospects, we invite you to make money through direct investments in our business which is closely linked to cryptomining and trading activities on world crypto exchanges. You can trust us, we have enough experience and we’re working with an experienced team of specialists. We shall guide and teach you how to do it!

Ivy Capital consists of a team of expert cryptocurrency traders with prior experience in stocks, futures, forex and other markets. We’ve been involved in the cryptocurrency atmosphere as a private group for the last couple of years working on building unique trading strategies to fit the new and expanding market that cryptocurrencies are becoming. Our trading strategy takes many factors into account when deciding which positions we plan to open or liquidate. Some of these factors involve technical analysis, community sentiment, technological advances, evolving regulations and laws, upcoming news and events, etc. Our goal is to create positions that will not only generate USD profit but profits in BTC value as well (satoshis). We adapt our trading strategy with the market as the atmosphere changes to ensure we’re always generating positive returns.

Are you a believer in cryptocurrency?

Do you currently hold crypto just waiting for the price to increase in value?

Tired of waiting around to see if your digital asset has risen in value?

Are you constantly checking the market throughout your day?

Well, wait nor more! Sit back, relax, and let Ivy Capital your digital assets today!

Ivy Capital knows the best way to work with the market and are adept at getting value for our investors. Our amazing track record shows why investors around the world trust us. No matter what price IVY Capital decides to acquire a digital asset at. The price is either going to increase in value or decrease. Our proprietary trading strategy prevents us from incurring a loss in either scenario price increase or decreases

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Our core services

Investment Consulting

We evaluate ICO projects on the basis of big data using a scoring model and offer a comprehensive Investment Strategy.

Research & Development

Blockchain is revolutionizing our digital world and we want to transform the technology to innovation products.

Payment Integration

We have integrated BitCoin payment systems into a variety of industries, including brick-n-mortar merchants.

BitCoin ATM’s & Kiosks

We use the cutting-edge of blockchain technologies to increase the public’s accessibility to cryptocurrency.

Workshops & Seminars

We offer in-house and external training, seminars and workshops on the blockchain technology and related fields.

Conference & Expo

Optimize your business case with blockchain technology. We connect industry leaders and investors.

Looking for a First-Class ICO and BitCoin Investments Consultant?